K. Decker French

I am a PhD student studying astronomy at Steward Observatory, University of Arizona. I study galaxy evolution with Prof. Ann Zabludoff using multi-wavelength observations. Before this, I completed my undergraduate studies in physics and planetary science at MIT.

Please see my new site at: kdf.space

Research Interests

Post-starburst galaxies
with Ann Zabludoff, Yujin Yang, et al.
Tidal Disruption Events
with Ann Zabludoff and Iair Arcavi
Gravitational Lensing of high redshift galaxies
with Ann Zabludoff, Ken Wong, et al.

Work on molecular gas in post-starbursts featured in astrobites

Work on TDE host galaxies featured in AAS Nova

Work on TDE host galaxies featured in New Scientist


Search and Rescue
Southern Ariz. Rescue Association
January, 2017